What are the main types of services that you offer?

Psychological Testing – Testing that helps to clarify psychiatric diagnosis, behaviors, symptoms, coping skills, and emotional issues.

Neuropsychological Testing – Testing that helps to clarify current strengths and weaknesses in areas such as attention, memory, executive functioning, visuo-spatial reasoning, social perception, verbal abilities, problem solving, and cognitive development. Many of these domains can also be addressed through a cognitive, developmental or psychoeducational evaluation, depending on the referral question.

Learning Disability/Educational Testing – Testing that is used to understand a person’s academic strengths and weaknesses, and to help identify the presence or absence of learning disabilities. Evaluations can be comprised of more than one type of testing listed above, depending on the referral question(s).

Consultation/Troubleshooting – We are available to meet to review testing that has already been done elsewhere and to advise on whether it appears further testing is needed and any next steps. We can walk you through the reports you already have in plain English, from other providers, and help to answer any questions you have about them. We are also available to meet for an initial consultation to get an in-depth background on your situation and advise you as to whether testing seems to make sense at this time or it would be better to pursue psychotherapy or other services first and why. We can help to connect you with providers for the services you need.

Testing isn’t cheap and isn’t fast. Why should I bother getting testing for myself or my child? In most cases, testing that is done well is a very good value for the money and time commitment. Too often in our current healthcare system, we work backwards in trying to identify or resolve a problem. We start by trying a medication, or pursuing a treatment, or both, without knowing what we are actually dealing with. Sometimes this will work, just because we happened to land on the right thing, and everything will be improved. But most of the time, the families or adults that come to us have already been to many different providers and tried many different things, and don’t really know what they are dealing with. They have been given many different diagnoses and suggestions but no one has sat down with them for any significant length of time and really tried to figure out the problem, in context, and to rule other things out that can look similar but would be treated in vastly different ways. So while testing is not a quick fix, and is not recommended in all situations, in the long run, we can often save you considerable time. money, and grief by trying to “get it right the first time.”

What health insurance do you accept and how much of my evaluation will it cover? If you would like to use your health insurance towards the costs of evaluation, we are in-network for Health New England and a few MassHealth mental health plans (the MBHP group of plans which as of 3/1/18 consists of MBHP HMO, Partners Healthcare Choice ACO, Steward Health Choice ACO, Community Care Cooperative ACO, and Be Healthy ACO). We cannot take cases that have a combination of Health New England and MassHealth, only one or the other. Please be advised that health insurance plans differ greatly in how much evaluation time they will cover. It is not unusual for insurance to cover only about 50% of the time needed to do a clinically appropriate evaluation and report. Additionally, most insurers will not cover any academic testing, classroom observation, or attendance at school meetings, and some will not cover testing related to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  If we are in-network for your health insurance, we will first work within their system and policies to try to obtain coverage for at least some of the cost of your evaluation. However, you should be prepared to pay for some additional time out-of-pocket, or else you may need to opt for a less in-depth evaluation. The options would all be discussed before any testing would start, so that you can make an informed decision about how/if you want to proceed. Most insurance does not cover the cost of attending school meetings, conducting school observations, telephone sessions, or completing extended paperwork. If you are interested in any of these services, we charge hourly rates, billed in 15-minute increments. If you are on an MBHP plan, state law requires that we work entirely within the confines of the testing hours that they will cover. This  means that you cannot be charged for any additional services or time. Therefore, if MBHP does not authorize the total number of hours needed to examine your concerns, you will only be able to have an abbreviated assessment, and it may not answer/address all of your questions. We would discuss this before starting any testing.

Whether you are paying privately or through insurance, we always start with  an initial consultation. This is a single meeting, usually lasting 60-90 minutes, in which we discuss your concerns and we help you to determine what mental health intervention(s) would be most appropriate to pursue in response. This may be testing, which we can provide, or it may be a different service, in which case we would give you suggestions regarding referrals. We are happy to give you a receipt to submit to your insurance, but it is possible that you will only be partially reimbursed, or not at all. We encourage you to call your insurer beforehand to find out all of their procedures and requirements for reimbursement for any of our services.

If you are paying privately for evaluation, we use flat rates. Half of the cost is due before the first testing appointment will be scheduled, and the balance must be received in full before the report will be written, unless a payment plan is arranged. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards for all services. Payment plans are by credit/debit card only. For a breakdown of the types of evaluations and services we offer out of pocket, their costs, and what they include, please click here: Rutherford self-pay fee schedule Geier-Love-Robinson self-pay fee schedule.

If this is a legal matter, we also do some legal cases, including Committee for Public Counsel Services cases. Higher rates apply for all services, and insurance will not cover any of these costs. Please contact us to discuss this more specifically. All legal evaluations are tailored to the attorney’s referral questions and include testifying in court if appropriate. We can provide psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, and evaluation of parental functioning.