New clients

The practice has expanded to four psychologists! This allows us to be more available to the community and to get new clients in faster than before.

Dr. Rutherford, Dr. Robinson, and Dr. Geier take Health New England, MBHP, and HNE Be Healthy for insurance currently, and are available for psychological and neuropsychological assessments. All other cases are self-pay (rates are available on the FAQ page of this website). For forensic cases, please note that Dr. Rutherford, Dr. Love, and Dr. Geier are vendors through CPCS.

Dr. Love is in the process of getting on Health New England, MBHP, and HNE Be Healthy. She is available in the meantime on a self-pay basis. She does psychological and neuropsychological assessments.

If you are looking for an evaluation and cannot see any of us, here are some other resources that may be helpful to you:

UMass-Amherst Psychological Services Clinic, Amherst

Brightside for Families and Children, Holyoke

James Levine and Associates, South Hadley

Dr. Nahid Marksosian, Northampton (adults)

Dr. Brad Brummett, Hadley (ages 16 and up)

Dr. Rachael Goren-Watts (ages 16 and up)

Dr. Caterina Cianciulli, Hadley (children)

Dr. Gail Mengel, Hadley (children)